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The All new AMG 53- series, Chesa!

A Perfect combination of performance and design

Lalela, just when you think Mercedes-Benz can't give us more, they decide to drop an all new 53-series and all I can say is YESES! The AMG E53 Coupe is a glamorous, uncontested elegant luxury sports coupe that’s more spacious than a BMW 6 Series and comes with an obviously nicer interior because Mercedes-Benz always gets the cabin right. Both are beautiful cars but it's the small details that matter like you would buy a Goyard shopper over an LV shopper, both luxury but a Goyard just has that's uncontested luxury, whereas BMW is more LV it's sitting somewhere in-between Premium and Luxury.

Back to the 53- series!

With the new models, the performance and sports car brand from Affalterbach is also introducing a new model designation: the 53‑series models, which are making their debut in the guise of the CLS, E‑Class Coupé and E‑Class Cabriolet.

Mercedes-AMG is extending its product range with the addition of three new models while simultaneously introducing a new model designation: the 53-series models of the CLS, E-Class Coupé plus E-Class Cabriolet (combined fuel consumption: 8.7 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 200 g/km). They combine powerful performance with sporty style and high efficiency. At their heart lies a new, electrified 3.0-litre engine featuring twin-turbocharging by means of an exhaust gas turbocharger and an electric auxiliary compressor. The 6‑cylinder in-line engine generates 320 kW and delivers maximum torque of 520 Nm. Its EQ Boost starter-alternator momentarily provides an additional 16 kW of output plus 250 Nm of torque and furthermore feeds the 48 V on-board electrical system. Other technical highlights include the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission and the fully variable all-wheel drive system AMG Performance 4MATIC+.

Distinguishing features which are common to the three new 53-series models comprise the twin-blade radiator grille, the front apron in A-wing design, the AMG-specific side sill panels, the rear apron with diffuser insert plus the round exhaust tailpipe trim elements in high-gloss chrome.

“Every Mercedes-AMG is developed in its entirety in Affalterbach.

In this way we ensure that AMG’s requirements are already taken into consideration in the development of the series production vehicles. The perfect matching and coordination of all components gives rise to a vehicle that is not only a delight to drive on the road, but is also able to assert itself on the race track. Its superior technologies enable an intensive driving experience that is to the target group’s taste. This is without parallel in the performance vehicles market,” says Johannes Fritz, Co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa and Executive Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“The Mercedes-AMG 53-series models expands our portfolio with a trendsetting combination of sporty design, exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. The 53-series models are also taking the first step towards the Mercedes-AMG's hybrid future by offering the urban lifestyle-oriented customer a new, attractive offer from Affalterbach. With the new 53-series models, drivers dynamically adapt to any situation without compromising performance or efficiency,” says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

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