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Stratos Bar | Avani windhoek Hotel Namibia

Luxury, exclusivity and a premier view over Windhoek's city lights are only a taste of what you'll get when you head over to Stratos, Avani Windhoek Hotel and Casino's new signature spot.

The restaurant is just the right size for the Hotel. The Gold and Black are easy on the eye and makes it perfect feel should you want to host a glamorous party. If you’re a loner you could just hit the bar and hope to meet another loner from the hotel and start a good conversation, I mean why not. Stratos is also ideal should you wish to have a team building, birthday party, anniversary or even if you want to throw the biggest party in the highest building/hotel in Namibia this place is it! As you walk outside you’ll be impressed by the deck pool that is overlooking Windhoek CBD. A pretty site both during the day and at night but I personally prefer it at night. Standing on the rooftop deck and watching the sun set is beautiful, it becomes better as you experience Windhoek come alive with all the city lights shining from the horizon, tilt your head up and you’re looking to the stars.

When in Windhoek you should stay at Avani Windhoek features 172 hotel rooms which are decorated to blend into their earthy surroundings. The colour scheme used in the hotel is taken from the golden hues of the dunes and combined with the reddish tones of the bushman paintings.

The hotel is perfectly located in the City's center, which allowed us to explore the city over the day's we were there, make sure you get a tour guide so you can see the surroundings and a history tour of the country, my fave was obviously the Diamonds works tour who offer a complimentary Diamond Tour that teaches guests the history of Namibia's Diamonds, how diamonds are polished and so much more. They have the biggest display of semi-precious stones, diamonds, tanzanite, black diamonds as well as jewellery in unique designs in Windhoek.

This was just a taste of Namibia and I absolutely can't wait to go back for longer. Seeing more of our beautiful continent is my goal for the next year or two, Namibia is our third African country travelled together in the past 1 year 6 months of our marriage and we can't wait to get the number up, do you have any suggestions as to which African country we should see next?

Don't forget to have a look at my instagram story highlights under Namibia to get a full view of our trip!



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