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Mercedes-Benz C43

Happy Friday dolls! This is our second car in the sedan segment review!

The c43 is the perfect balance between a c300 and c63 and makes for the perfect intro vehicle into the world of Mercedes-Benz sports cars.

At first glance the c43 sedan doesn’t look as mean as one would expect it to be, no black rims, no red brake nton nton inside the rims ( I joke it’s called brake calipers) just sublime and clean. But looks are indeed deceiving just because this beauty doesn’t have her full face beat on she’s still a natural beauty rest assured ladies you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This car is big and has ample compartment and boot space but still drives like a machine, taking only 4.7 seconds to 100, every evening driving back home I found myself in the position of constantly being challenged by male counterparts at the traffic lights 😂 one male driver who drove a BMW 240i, constantly tried to prove his vehicle was better for three consecutive sets of traffic lights on main road, mind you I was just driving normally perhaps I shouldn’t have had the car on sports + mode, but that sound has that thing maaaaan, I may have been giving the wrong impression of wanting to race! The BMW drivers face turned red when I lowered my window at the third traffic light, shamefully embarrassed that he was racing a woman who was merely driving back home.

On that note, I would love to put this to the test fully on the track though! We should totally do a full on ladies track day!

Although the c43 is a sports car it didn’t feel too masculine from the exterior to the moment you step into the interior all the way to the drive, this obviously in comparison to it’s much older SUV sibling the Glc63: as soon as you jumped into the 63s everything screamed sports! From the bucket seats to the black interior with the yellow stitching to the dashboard which only really cared for all things racing.

This, on the other hand, is the perfect cross of sports and everyday sedan, which makes it- dare I say it “perfect” for all you fabulous ladies looking for a sports sedan.

I’m not a big fan of how the sedan looks though, it feels a little too old, almost going into the old school Jaguar old money look (interesting because the Jaguar XE S from the review earlier this week looks a lot sportier and enale youth maan!). In contrast to the C43 sedan which has that (in your poshest accent) “Oh we just moved to Houghton, we MUST go horse riding together next week, dear!” vibe!

But luckily for me and anybody else who isn’t a big fan of the sedan, There's a coupe! I’m absolutely in love with what the coupe looks like. I got to see this baby at the all-new C-Class launch 2 months ago. It looks like a dream, basically the perfect “I’m a millennial, and making the pots of life look", with an I’m grown and just bought myself a beautiful cluster in Bryanston doll twist- uyabona?

With the petrol price literally going up every month, I was quite interested in how it would fare in the fuel consumption space with its twin turbo and v6 engine I was quite anxious that I would be close to empty just a few days into my review as per the GLC 63s. Again I was pleasantly surprised, although not as economical as the lower variants, the fuel consumption was tolerable for a car with its engine size.

If I had to compare the C43 in terms of the things we love it would be like purchasing your first Louis Vuitton bag, you’re not gonna go straight into buying a big LV shopper even worse in monogram canvas, because well uzojumpisa that you’re new to this thing akere? Instead, you’ll get a sublime speedy in it’s smallest available size a 25 AND it will be in the discreet Damier Ebene canvas, not the monogram! And that ladies is what a c43 is - it’s the speedy 25. Beautiful but not too flashy and it may not be the biggest or the fastest or last number at Mercedes but honey you’ll be in a C43! Go monate maaaan! The C-Class is the most successful model series from Mercedes-Benz, and the new edition offers stunning new looks, class-leading safety and better performance than ever. The car boasts a redesigned front end, with new-look headlamps and tail lamps, while the electronics are completely new, with safety and driver assistance systems now at the level of the flagship S‑Class series.

Vehicle Pricing:

Sedan Coupe Cabriolet

C180 R586,500 C180 R666,000 C200 R793,500

C200 R613,500 C200 R766,000 C300 R884,000

C220d R651,000

C300 R716,000

Mercedes-AMG C43 Vehicle Pricing:

Sedan Coupe Cabriolet

R948,500 R983,500 R1,100,000

Let me know what you guys think of the C43

Here's a video from the all-new C-Class launch in September the luxury car-maker introduced the new edition of its wildly successful C-Class range to the local market at an event in Johannesburg’s inner city, the local launch event was hosted at Johannesburg’s historic Rotunda, which was specially refurbished by Mercedes-Benz for the event. Mercedes-Benz also created a new multifunctional venue under the Rissik Street bridge, turning what used to be an empty space into an area that is now suitable for training presentations and gatherings, let me know if you want the full video up of the launch :)



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