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Taking care of your bags

I've added two new babies and I'm 100 percent sure I don't want another Louis Vuitton bag for next two years! I love me some LV but it's not my fave-fave especially the monogram canvas, yet I've just added two new monogram mini's to my collection, so basically my LV monogram quota is done lol! I find the LV monogram a bit too immoderate, only a few pieces look classic to me in this canvas, everything else feels way too "new money" to me so I'm just gonna stick to my Damier Ebene going forward.

These two mini's are stunning though! I'm finally part of the cool kid club with my palm spring mini, and well a bag I think everyone should have in any of the available canvas's the - Pochette Metis, how gorgeous?

my oldest bag the LV neverfull

i have had a lot of my handbags for a while and the oldest designer handbag i have is my first LV shopper which is believe it or not 10 years old, and it's still in great condition, although all the pieces in my wardrobe are near and dear to my heart, I take special care when it comes to my prized possessions – handbags. Bags tend to be my investment pieces along with my shoes, so I want to ensure they are properly tended to, I also want to be able to hand these pieces down to my daughter ( if I have a girl ) one day. so I thought it would be nice to share what I do to care for my designer handbags to ensure they last forever since I put so much money into them. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some no-fail tips on how to care for any of your handbags too!

First things first.

Dust Bags

When bringing home a new baby, never throw the dust bag away! This little device is the key to protecting your bag and ensuring it stays in good condition and dust-free in the long run. If you do not happen to have a spare dust bag on you, you can easily repurpose a clean pillowcase which does the trick too.

Keep the inside clean

Don’t neglect the interior of your handbag. I always use cosmetic bags and pouches for anything that could damage the inside of my handbags, I learned this the hard way! By using a cosmetic bag if anything happens to spill or if a lipstick cap decided to slide off eeeeeeek! doing this contains the mess and makes it easier to clean. You could also consider investing in bag liners to act as a another precautionary step.

Maintain your handbag shape

When it comes to storing my handbags, stuffing the inside of the bag is crucial, especially if you like your bags to hold their structure like I do. I like to use some older clothing that i no longer wear. Should anything fall on the bag, or the bag drops, it won't change the shape of your bag.

Remove stains right away Removal techniques will depend on the source of the stain. Here are some quick tips:

  • Food stains: Let crushed white chalk sit on the stain for several hours, ideally overnight. Then wipe it away with a clean cloth.

  • Water spots: Blot water stains, let them dry naturally, and bring your bag to a professional for removal.

  • Pen marks: For fresh ink stains, try rubbing lightly with a white eraser. However, don’t use much pressure, and if it doesn’t disappear immediately or if too much time has passed, see a professionalI mean Ink stains are tricky.

  • Odours: Store your bag with a baking soda pack inside. Zip the handbag closed, or if it doesn’t zip closed put it in a larger bag that seals. Dryer sheets and herbal sachets also work wonders, if you leave them in for several days.

I hope these tips help with all your faves :)



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