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Carat by Cartier

Any mention of Cartier will most likely awaken the rabid magpie within. And its influence is far-reaching. The iconic nail bracelet. Extra AF bejewelled pieces in the structure of a panther. The classic love screw rings. And now, the luxury French jewellers have something as equally dreamy in store: a brand new fragrance based on diamonds, Carat. You can call Carat, the jeweler’s newest perfume, eau de sparkle

“Cartier brings diamonds to life by showcasing them so stunningly, by introducing light and making it scintillate and shimmer,” explains Cartier Perfumer, Mathilde Laurent. “I wanted to create a fragrance that sparkles, alive with all the fire of a diamond.”

Inspired by the very different rainbow refractions of light you get when a diamond catches the sun, Carat, is infused with seven fresh floral notes that come together as one. We’re talking a white, pure scent (comprised of violet, iris, hyacinth, ylang, daffodil, honeysuckle and tulip, fyi), housed in a prismed, Art Deco glass bottle.

How Does it Smell?

Carat is dazzling right from the outset. It open green and dewy, evoking the inside of a florist’s refrigerator, or a lush garden captured at dawn when the day is cool and the air moist. There’s also a distinct sense of sweetness amongst the misty floral opening, specifically the smell of juicy petals in a myriad of colours. Things are distinctly abstract though and whilst one gets hints of certain flowers, the overall impression is of a hybrid bloom pieced together from many floral components. So yes, floral, green, dewy and sweet – so far so good.

The heart is where things really bloom. It really feels like a rainbow of flowers, but rather than vivid, neon colours, the impression is much more pastel. Stripes of yellow narcissus (complete with a dusty, powdery texture) run perpendicular to slashes of sweet violet, whilst fleshy ylang ylang, nectarous honeysuckle and juicy tulip overlap to create watercolour shades of green, orange and red, and all of the shades in between. I’d say it was symphonic, but a symphony is to loud – this is nature’s brilliance played at an ambient level and on repeat.

This is def a new fave on the glam list, i've literally been wearing everyday, i smell like diamonds darlings!

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