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GLC63s...need I say more

I'm finally coming close to the end of my Compact SUV and SUV reviews ladies for this year and we'll be on sedans soon, Thank you so much for all the comments and feedback on the cars! Now straight on to this beauty!

With the large Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV already fighting the stylish BMW X6 for customers, it was almost inevitable that Mercedes would turn its sights on buyers of the smaller BMW X4. Indeed, the more compact Mercedes GLC Coupe is now available in SA, based on the Mercedes C-Class-derived GLC SUV.

To many, the very concept of an SUV coupe seems odd: the streamlined rear end reduces the carrying capacity and practicality of the big, bulky, off-road style car it’s based on. But cars like this don’t tend to be bought with load-carrying in mind. Many buyers see them as sporty-looking family cars with a good view out. And few will deny that they’re great to be seen in. The GLC Coupe promises to delight customers for whom the GLE Coupe is just that bit too big and unmanageable.

We were never especially convinced by the looks of the BMW X4 – its design seems a little incohesive and awkward. The Mercedes GLC Coupe looks far better, as if it was designed to be this shape from the outset. It also comes close to looking understated, which is refreshing next to the rather brash and ostentatious GLE and X6.


The differences between the GLC Coupe and the square-rigged regular version go some way beneath the surface. It’s actually slightly longer, lower and wider. To our eyes, these changes have made all the difference, transforming the coupe into a far more eye-catching machine. Mechanically, it’s little different, with both shapes of GLC being virtually identical in terms of running gear. Although few owners are likely to want to venture off-road, it’s worth bearing in mind that the suspension and steering of the coupe have been optimised for on-road performance.

You can certainly feel the difference. The coupe is a far more rewarding car to drive and holds the road better thanks to those steering improvements and wheels spaced farther apart. You can choose conventional springs or an AIRMATIC air-suspension system, similar to that which impresses in the Mercedes E-Classa nd Mercedes S-Class.

Possibly One of the major selling points of the regular GLC is its beautifully designed and built interior, and that’s also true of the coupe.

The biggest problem with the coupe is its price. However, if you have to buy a coupe-styled SUV and can live without the practicality, that more squared-off designs can offer, we recommend the Mercedes GLC Coupe over the BMW X4. It’s more powerful, more economical and better looking. While we’d avoid the performance-focused 43 AMG version – it just doesn’t convince as a sporting machine I would definitely get the GLC 63s but if you're looking at something a little cheaper – the GLC 250 is a fast, comfortable and still makes the pots!

Practicality & boot space

Interior accommodation is generally spacious, but luggage room takes a back seat

Compared to the regular GLC from which it was spawned, the GLC Coupe suffers from a slight shortfall in practicality. The first sign of this can be found in the rear seats, where the curvaceous roofline robs passengers of headroom, particular affecting whoever’s unfortunate enough to be perched on the raised middle rear seat.

The sharply tapering rear end actually detracts less from boot volume than you might think – although the boot is only 59 litres smaller, it has a high floor and there’s a tall lip to haul bulky items over. There’s extra storage to be found for small objects beneath the boot floor, but this is only possible thanks to the omission of a spare wheel. It still compares pretty well with the BMW X4 in terms of boot space and versatility, though.

Reliability & safety

Important standard safety equipment: Electronic Stability Program (ESP®), Emergency Brake Assist (BAS), Acceleration Skid Control (ASR), Anti-lock brakes (ABS), Airbags and head/thorax sidebags (side airbags in the seat backrests off ering additional head protection), fi ve 3-point seatbelts, belt tensioners and adaptive belt force limiters in the front, outside seatbelts in the rear have automatic belt adjustment, Hill Start Assist, Flashing adaptive brake lights, Headlamp assist, Tyre pressure loss warning system

With Mercedes option lists traditionally being on the long side, there are plenty of opportunities to make your GLC Coupe even more expensive, with many styling and convenience upgrades available, as well as upgraded sound systems.


The GLC63s is probably one of the meanest machines I’ve driven, besides feeling like a bad a** on the road and having people constantly wanting you to rev the car at every traffic light ( Men will be men! Literally every stop! Someone would ask me to rev in excitement! past it’s muscle, this car really proved to be exceptional to drive. It’s very difficult to get an SUV that’s highly sporty and dynamic while at the same time offering extreme driving stability

Generally you would be swayed away from a crossover/ Compact SUV when looking at a sports vehicle but the GLC63 is in a different league it’s the perfect combination of sports car and SUV ladies which is a very rare find, It’s absolute insanity from the moment you floor the accelerator Expect when driving down William Nicol!

Not that you’’l ever get the opportunity with all the constant traffic butaccording Mercedes, Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – your GLC Coupé noticeably takes the strain off you, particularly in stressful situations.

This is based on a concept that makes every journey in a Mercedes-Benz safe and unique: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that, first and foremost, you reach your destination safely, but are also relaxed when you get there.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the petrol consumption, but perhaps my foot was little heavy on the accelerator, which is really hard not to be, but my thing is if you can afford a 1,7million rand car then well fuel is probably the last of your worries!


I love that beside looking mean, the boot space and overall space is sufficient Despite the low coupé-esque roofline, the boot boasts an ample capacity.

The optional Stowage Space package with numerous additional stowage and attachment options in the interior/load compartment rounds off the versatility and everyday utility of the GLC Coupé, this is really practical with groceries and when you have alot of shopping items I think if one was looking for bigger space and if you do have kids ladies the GLE might be a better option than the GLC but i don't particularly find it necessary unless you have family of 5 and really needed the additional space, but for the rest of us Glam gals it's perfect even if we've don a wee bit too much shopping

Being short 1.56m to be exact it’s always a breath of fresh air when a vehicle offers a higher seat position, making the drive super comfortable without me having to lean my full body forward to see what’s in front of me

The raised seat position in the GLC Coupé makes for a literally highly superior driving experience

From this pole position, you can enjoy the driving dynamics and agility of a sports coupé – a unique experience. The Seat Comfort package also offers individual ergonomic adjustment of the seat position for driver and front passenger – a blessing especially on long journeys. The rear passengers also benefit from a sporty ambience with convenient entry and exit: the two outer rear seats are in the form of individual seats, offering the passengers excellent lateral support whenever a sporty driving style is adopted. If required, you can simply use the space for larger items of luggage.

My fave part about being in a Mercedes has always been that you really feel safe and even though we all try to be as cautious as possible, m sometime a little assistance goes along way here’s a few of my fave features the GLC offers, super practical and necessary in every vehicle:

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

The innovative driver assistance system automatically helps drivers to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and removes some of the strain on long journeys and in stop-and-go traffic. The system gives a visual warning signal if the distance from the vehicle ahead is no longer safe and an audible signal if there is danger of a collision.

Active Brake Assist

The system gives the driver a visual warning if the distance to the vehicle in front is too small. On detecting the danger of a collision there is an acoustic warning, driver braking can be assisted and, if the driver fails to react, the speed can be reduced autonomously.

Blind Spot Assist

The system makes it possible to spot one of the major hazards in traffic. If a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, a red triangle lights up in the exterior mirror. If the driver disregards this warning and operates the turn signal indicator, the system emits an additional, audible warning.

Ladies the GLC63 will not disappoint and from other reviews nor will the base model! So whichever option you choose you're guaranteed luxury, comfort, safety and most importantly this thing a beauty! it's a sweets! iyangfanela of kanjani?



source: carbuyer

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