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Versace Dylan Blue Femme

Ok, so I know right now it is pretty freezing ( as I write this, to be precise) but that does not stop me looking forward to the warmer months and the joys of summer. The season makes people happy, as they enjoy longer days and sunny holidays. Summer evokes so many memories based on scent alone. I for one love the smell of sun cream, freshly cut grass and a pitcher of fruit infused Pimms, champers is there anything else that screams Great British Summer? When it comes to perfume, everyone has that one go to scent that reminds them of certain special moments from the season. But this year, summer is calling for a new scent, to make new memories and evoke new emotions. It’s time to put those musky, spiced, cold weather perfumes on standby and into hibernation, in order to bust out a fresh, new, sparkling scent.

Enter Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme. An alchemy of alluring notes dance, seduce, and come together in an elegant embrace. Evoking uniqueness, strength, sensuality in the woman that chooses to wear it. The scent mixes refreshing blackcurrant and apple sorbet (yum) to create an unexpected fruity accord, while a bouquet of imaginary wild blooms add an unforgettable sillage. Woody base notes playfully mix together to form a unique elixir: the patchouli coeur (an earthy aroma) blends seamlessly with the styrax (floral), the white woods polished by pure waters create a captivating, sensuous, vibrant movement for the wearer.

The bottle itself is deserving of even the most discerning dressing table, based on how stunning it is. With elegant curves and it’s deep, royal blue colour, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea and gold detailing paying homage to the iconic Medusa. It looks like it should be sat in the V&A Museum next to glorious Ancient Greek artefacts.

“Dylan Blue pour femme is my tribute to femininity. So I created a strong, sensuous yet refined fragrance for a woman who knows her own power.” Donatella Versace

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