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Staycation meets Girls' night in with Southern Sun Hyde Park

Now generally a Staycation sounds like an oxymoron. The point is to do nothing, right? Sleep in, binge-watch some shows, get takeout, drink champers!

But you do need to plan your staycation, and here’s why. Without some kind of structure, it’s easy to slip into your average weekend routine: playing with your phone, checking your work email,…So last week I packed my bags and went on my first ever staycation in the city. The definition of a staycation is: booking yourself into a hotel or resort in the city, that doesn’t entail driving too far but getting the feeling like you’re on holiday.

This past weekend for my staycation, I choose to do a girls weekend with one of my closest friends, we stayed at the Southern Sun Hyde Park Hotel. Situated in the heart of Johannesburg’s most exclusive suburbs, Southern Sun Hyde Park hotel offers guests the perfect blend of style, sophistication, relaxation, and elegance in Sandton. It’s the little things that hotels do that make frequent travelers like myself happy. Within five minutes of getting to my room, I already felt like I was away it was some of the little touches in the hotel room – actual coffee mugs, not those paper to go cups.

Luxurious rooms, fine dining, well-equipped conferencing facilities, and outstanding service characterise the award-winning Southern Sun Hyde Park – one of Sandton’s finest hotel destinations.

From Scrumptious breakfasts to delicious evening meals you and your bestie can have a similar staycation at Hydepark here's our weekend break down


Pre Drinks in the Bar : Devils Peak Craft Beer, cocktails

Dinner in Luce

Starter : Sauteed Calamari

Main : Duck, Lobster Pasta, Oxtail Pasta, OssoBucco

Dessert: Blueberry Canolli, Cioccolatissimo

Guys the oxtail pasta is eveeeeerything, if there's one thing you must try at Luce it's this! check out my instagram story highlights under SShydepark for all the delicious meals served



Lunch: On the deck Order Sushi and Veuve or Moet Champagne ( you guys know I love a good champagne, i would go with the Moet Nectar

Dinner: Dine & Vine special, Steak or Burger( both are equally divine!

Whiskey Cigar Lounge: Nightcap Whiskey or Cognac.


Try the A La Carte Breakfast in the look out lounge.

Let me know about your staycations



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