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Winter with Witchery : Styling Leopard print

I'm obsessed with tthis animal print dress and top from Witchery!

Leopard prints have been dominating fashion world from past many years. Calling them timeless would not be wrong. And its still roaring the fashion world. Wild leopard prints are the best option to show off your trendsetting style all year round especially in winter. What about mature women? Wild leopard prints are suitable for the women of every age. But you have to keep things in control otherwise you would end up looking like Edith Prickley. So, this winter, if you are going to dress to impress with some latest leopard styles, you must follow some basic fashion tips.

No matter how much you love a leopard print, you must keep its use with in a limit. Incorporating too much animal prints would make you look like a fashion victim. So, what’s important is to wear one item at a time. If you are wearing a leopard coat, you don’t need to pair it with a leopard scarf, shoes or a handbag. Similarly, if you want to wear a leopard handbag or shoes, the clothing should be something different.

The exotic leopard prints can be skillfully jazzed up with a flare of a show stopping color. Like we have seen on a number of runway fashion shows or by some of our favorite celebs. Pairing leopard-print with some vibrant hues promises a fabulous fashion and sleek style. The colors that go best with it may include; white, brown, taupe and gold. And for young girls, striking colors, like shades of red, green (army green, mint green), yellow and pink are the most recommended options.

Wearing a leopard print is not that simple. There is a very thin line between a classy and a cheesy look. So, you have to be extra cautious. The leopard prints are quite dramatic in themselves. So, don’t be too fussy and frilly and keep the clothing lines clear and crisp. A pencil skirt or a shift dress can be the best examples.

Add a belt to break your look like the classic Gucci belt which I finally get to style, there are a few more outfits that i still want to do with the belt as promised so keep a look out :)

Dress: Witchery (woolworths)

Belt: Gucci

Hat: Woolworths

Shirt : Witchery

Skirt: Witchery

shoes: Louboutin

Belt : Gucci

Bag: Gucci


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