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Classic wardrobe essentials

I haven't splurged on some classic items in a while, with the wedding, moving house and traveling, adjusting to my job as an Associate creative director in the past 4 months, there hasn't been much Poshglam time, but things have finally settled and time to get back to my favourite space, I've read all your emails and I truly appreciate them :)

Ok, so winter is right on our doorstep! and it's my favourite season, so expect lookbooks, winter essentials, and some delish winter recipes! I have some fabulous lookbooks coming up as well from all our faves Country Road, Witchery, and Edgars Fashion all with a touch of glam of course and a series of winter scents, skin care and hair care and a new car reveal :) ! so there's lot's coming your way this winter!

Anyway back to the post Classic winter essentials!

Prada pumps

I finally got my hands on these from I've been giving the guys at the Prada diamond walk so much drama and finally, I found a pair online after months and months of searching. Prada demonstrates its iconic urbane elegance with these mules, done in a timeless silhouette with beautifully wrapped bows at the front. Punctuating their flattering pointed toes, these knotted details only further enhance the feminine appeal of these refined low-heeled shoes. They're a chic option from office days to cocktail parties. A definite winter staple

ok next purchase! I have been putting off buying this Gucci belt for a long loooong time, but it was so hyped up everyone has one fakes on Instagram started popping up everywhere and it started to annoy me so much that I decided I would not get one! But over the months the fad hasn't passed and it's still a beautiful timeless piece so I chose to finally buy it. It's a no-brainer finishing your outfits on a sophisticated note with this smooth leather belt from Gucci. Cementing its luxury status with a signature GG detail, this piece shines with an antique gold-tone finish. Style it with anything from denim to a luxe, languid silk skirt. so I’ll be definitely wearing it a lot this winter, I'll be sharing my fave GG belt looks.

My next buy is this beauty in the tan calf leather.

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