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New Jaguar E-Pace

Birds Fly, Fish Swim, Jaguars Roar!

Jaguar has introduced the smart, distinctive E-Pace, smaller than the F-Pace and adroitly opening up a less high-spending sector of the market to Jaguar’s SUV ‘family’ the smart, distinctive E-Pace, smaller than the F-Pace and adroitly opening up a less high-spending sector of the market to Jaguar’s SUV ‘family’.Looking a little like a ‘shrunken’ F-Pace - but to many observers, more handsome - it’s at once dynamic, subtle and premium, ready to take on rivals such as the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA.It’s a high-riding SUV with - just - enough room for three small adults in the rear, a reasonably-sized - though not enormous - load space, and action-ready, eye-catching lines.

A more Compact SUV, definitely a Glam Drives car, a beauty but also the most connected Jaguar to date!


Touch Pro infotainment and digital sockets for every occupant: E-PACE is wired for life

The E-PACE introduces a wave of design and technology innovations that make connectivity even more practical and user-friendly.

The latest version of Jaguar’s Touch Pro infotainment system is fitted as standard, giving drivers a practical combination of an intuitive touchscreen interface and tactile switches that put essential functions at their fingertips.

Touch Pro: powerful connections at your fingertips

The E-PACE will include the latest generation of Jaguar’s Touch Pro infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen display which allows customers to swipe, pinch and zoom in the same way as when using a tablet or smartphone. The customisable home screen allows customers to create shortcuts to their favourite features, so regularly used applications are easy to find.

The 21:9 super-wide format (1280 x 542 pixel resolution) display also allows multi-tasking, for example media can be shown in the main screen while a side panel can show navigation data or weather reports.

Customers can additionally select a 12.3-inch full-colour digital TFT instrument panel with the ability to tailor the display to show different information, including 3D satellite navigation mapping.

E-PACE is also available with a choice of two premium audio systems developed with Meridian, including an advanced 825W Surround Sound system with 15 speakers.


The E-PACE blends sports car design with compact SUV practicality, removing compromise from the equation. The result is a car that will attract many new drivers to the Jaguar family and energise the entire market segment.

“We designed the E-PACE to be a Jaguar for active people who need space and practicality but see no reason to compromise on performance. Its proportions, stance and lines express the excitement of driving a car of this calibre.

“Compact SUVs need to provide intelligent answers to the challenges of everyday life and I believe that Jaguar’s combination of design purity and functional integrity provides the perfect solution. This is a vehicle with unmistakable character – a Jaguar sports car designed for our daily lives in a package that is as rewarding as it is practical.”

Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

The E-PACE combines the dynamic body language and proportions of a Jaguar sports car with the space, safety and practicality typically associated with a compact SUV.

Short front and rear overhangs place its large wheels at each corner and the teardrop graphic of the side windows, inspired by the F-TYPE, gives the newest addition to the PACE family a purposeful stance. The front view of the compact SUV reveals a confident, assertive face that showcases the shared DNA with Jaguar’s sports cars.

The E-PACE’s bold grille gives the vehicle an assertive attitude that is unmistakably Jaguar. Advanced Matrix LED headlights (optional) are similar in concept to those used on the F-TYPE sports car and feature Jaguar’s signature J-blade daytime running lights, which flow around the outer edges of the headlights.

Approaching from the rear, the taut surfaces and muscular haunches fuse with the sharp lines of the rear light clusters. The slim, blade-like rear lamps feature full LED technology and are another sign of the E-PACE’s shared DNA with Jaguar’s flagship sports car.

E-PACE can be specified in 11 exterior colours:

Caldera Red (First Edition only) or Fuji White (Solid);

Borasco Grey, Firenze Red, Caesium Blue, Yulong White, Indus Silver, Santorini Black or Corris Grey (Metallic);

Farallon Pearl Black or Silicon Silver (Premium Metallic)

To balancing sports car design with everyday usability and practicality, Jaguar designers paid attention to every detail on the E-PACE. Here are six design touches that help set it apart:

  1. Dynamic Body Language

Every Jaguar has sports-car DNA, and the E-PACE is no different. It boasts the proportions, muscular haunches, and assertive visual attitude that are unmistakably Jaguar, while retaining the space, safety and practicality typically associated with a compact SUV.

1.Sharp, signature eyes

Up front, the E-PACE features Jaguar’s signature J-blade LED daytime running lights, alongside optional LED matrix headlights that provide the ultimate in night time visibility. These instantly recognisable eyes are complemented by slim, blade-like rear lamps that also feature full LED technology – another sign of the E-PACE’s shared DNA with Jaguar’s flagship sports car.

2. Customise with colour

Choices, choices. The E-PACE is finished in one of 11 modern, eye-catching paints, including Caldera Red on the E-PACE First Edition model, which will only be on sale for one year. Other hues include Fuji White, Santorini Black, Borasco Grey, and Caesium Blue.

Open the doors and even more colour can jump out at you: interior finish options include eight-way adjustable sports leather seats in either Ebony, Light Oyster, or Mars Red, as well as contrast stitching. With limitless configurability, your E-PACE can absolutely be .

3.Looks like a sports car, drives like one too

The interior focal point of E-PACE is its wraparound cockpit, with the passenger grab handle forming the boundary of the driver console – a design concept directly inspired by the Jaguar F-TYPE.

This geometry provides a powerful visual connection with the doors, while the elevated seating position gives the driver a ‘Sports Command’ driving position, offering excellent visibility while retaining a cockpit-like feel.

Even the primary controls, such as the sports gear shifter and drive mode selector, have been carefully designed to promote driver engagement. It is absolutely a Jaguar, through and through.

4.Best in British craftsmanship

All throughout the E-PACE, occupants are enveloped in premium materials, ensuring every touch point emphasises the sense of quality. It features premium leathers for its sports seats and key touch points, such as the steering wheel, gear shifter and centre console grab handle. Refinement also extends to other elements of the cabin, including soft-trimmed door casings that have a cool touch, satin chrome door handles, beautifully crafted leather-clad facia and seat upholstery with twin-needle stitching. All of these touches add up to enhance the sense of luxury in E-PACE.

5.Stowage and practicality

In E-PACE, the driver-focused design is balanced with practicality. Drivers and passengers will have access to interior room for five people and generous luggage space, along with ingenious stowage solutions for small items. The 8.42-litre centre console compartment can house four large water bottles, as well as configurable cupholders and trays; the lockable 10.07-litre glovebox offers secure storage, while 10.56-litre front and 8.26-litre rear door bins offer plenty of space for passengers. And in the boot, 577 litre of luggage space can be fully utilised thanks to a wide load area.

This level of attention to detail throughout E-PACE’s design, including unique touches such as the contemporary animal print designer labels sewn into the shoulder hem of the front seats, while the same pattern is repeated on rubber mats in stowage areas. As the cub of the Jaguar line-up, E-PACE also boasts playful mother-and-cub graphics featuring on its windscreen and in the projected puddle lamps.

The Jaguar E-PACE goes on sale from 9 March 2018, with prices starting at R598 500. Customers can build their own Jaguar E-PACE using the configurator on the Jaguar website. All new Jaguar cars come with the five-year Jaguar Care Plan: a five-year/100 000km service plan, a five-year/100 000km maintenance plan and a five-year/100 000km warranty, as standard.

All in all This is an enjoyable car to drive and - given its prestige looks coupled with compact dimensions - 4411mm compared to the F-Pace’s 4731mm - it should prove a winner!

Watch the video from the Media Launch we attended below



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