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Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas isn’t very well known in South africa, though this high end brand probably should be. Ellis is a very well known make up artist. She’s worked with brands like Clinique, Lancôme and MAC. She helped create the Biotherm make-up line. And now she has her own line, and this concealer is pretty much to die for.

First, can I just gush about the packaging? It comes in a metal bullet/pen as pictured above. This thing is heavy duty and feels aaaahhmazing. For reals. It’s heavy, super smooth, and once you pull off that top you’ll find a nice concealer brush. The concealer comes out of the pen to saturate the brush, which you can then use to direct your application.

If you wanted to buy a foundation you could ensure would solve your every need, you’d look for one that was created by a makeup artist. There’s a reason why makeup artist brands are some of the most successful in the beauty space. They know how to create products that cater to a multitude of skin types and tones. For foundation, a brand to watch is Ellis Faas. With just one Ellis Faas foundation available in two different packaging options, this makeup artist brand foundation has become a beauty editor favorite.

Ellis Faas Foundation Overview

The Ellis Faas foundation is the premiere foundation of internationally renowned makeup artist Ellis Faas. Her breakthrough Ellis Faas foundation has quickly become the go-to foundation for beauty professionals, makeup artists, and beauty editors. So what is it about the Ellis Faas foundation that makes it so special? For starters, it’s available in two package options allowing for complete versatility. First, you have your typical Ellis Faas foundation in a bottle which is great for makeup artists and daily use. You also have the option of getting the Ellis Faas foundation in a unique applicator pen that is perfect for on the go, travel, and touch-ups throughout the day. After the versatile packaging, the next highlight is how the Ellis Faas foundation works on skin. This Skin Veil Ellis Faas foundation is created to melt into skin, illuminating it from within. Its ultra-lightweight texture feels weightless to the touch and provides the Ellis Faas foundation with natural buildable coverage that looks smooth and never cakey. Once applied, the Ellis Faas foundation helps to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with smoother, softer, radiant skin.

Both the Ellis Faas foundation pen and Ellis Faas foundation bottle house the same robust formulation that has prompted the popular foundation’s rise to fame. Within the Ellis Faas foundation, you’ll find a distinctive blend of top quality ingredients, actives, and innovative Skin Veil minerals. The Skin Veil minerals work within the Ellis Faas foundation to help diffuse light. This enables the Ellis Faas foundation to visibly improve the texture of the skin. The active ingredients, including vitamin E, work to protect the skin against harsh environmental free radicals. The Ellis Faas foundation utilizes a number of hydrating ingredients as well which helps skin to remain moisturized and nourished throughout the day. To top off the comprehensive Ellis Faas foundation, the formulation leaves out fragrance and parabens for an added bonus.

Currently, the Ellis Faas foundation is available in a small but diverse eight shade range. Each of the Ellis Faas foundation shades take both skin tone and undertone into consideration which allows them to match perfectly with a variety of skin tones. The lightest Ellis Faas foundation shade is Light/Fair, best for people with pale skin and neutral undertones. While the darkest Ellis Faas foundation shade is Dark, best for those with dark skin and neutral undertones. The Ellis Faas foundation is also recommended for all skin types which is another highlight of the popular foundation. The Ellis Faas foundation is best applied with either fingers or a brush starting with the T-zone and blending out. Remember, the Ellis Faas foundation is buildable so apply another layer if you feel the coverage is too light.

Glow up

Playing with light is one of the best tricks in makeup. Light emphasizes shape and glow. Attracting light to certain parts of your face will illuminate it and bring it to life. The best way to attract light to your face is with the soft focus properties of the reflective pearls in Glow Up. These finely milled particles provide radiance with a soft subtle shimmer. It leaves you with a delicate glow that helps to mask any imperfections, adding a satin-soft and porcelain finish.

Apply the luminous powder to parts of the skin on which light falls first: your upper cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the Cupid bow of your lip, and collarbone. Playing with light creates a seductive emphasis on bone structure, and enhances your healthy and youthful appearance.

The powder is extremely easy to work with. Using a contour brush, I only had to lightly tap the pan to pick-up the perfect amount of powder for use. The powder did not fall off the brush and applied and blended smoothly. On application, I was able to achieve a perfect contour that looked very natural. The reflective properties of the powder does wonders to mask imperfections. The powder wore seamlessly all day (10 hours) until I removed it. I suspect it would have continued to wear well beyond the 10 hours. While I used Satin Glow as a contour, it would work very well as a highlighter; also imparting a satin, luminous glow (well-named product!)

Ellis Faas is available exclusively at Skins Cosmetics Sandton City

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