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Male grooming: BMW x CARTIER

Now ladies, nothing beats a man who smells good and not any kind of good but that Cartier type of good. My Fiancé has been running around as much as i have such for the perfect fragrance, and well he needed something sophisticated something that represented him, an Entrepreneur a creative. With the BMW 540i in hand what would the fragrance be for a man of that calibre? The new BMW 5series is called the the business athlete it's the beauty with all the brains and so we found a fragrance that matches it's persona fully and ladies this is definitely a fragrance your man should be smelling like.

L'Envol was developed by perfumer Mathilde Laurent and its listed notes include honey, lignum vitae, iris, patchouli and musk. L'Envol starts off with an accord I'll describe as iris-violet flowers; the opening is refreshing, but also, somehow, soothing; next up is a slightly smoky, medicinal/bitter wood aroma (imagine quinine-drenched wood chips). On my skin, honey comes into focus in L'Envol's heart and base— it starts off diffuse but it slowly concentrates as it combines with rich patchouli (with a red-fruit aura) and an 'engaging' musk note. L'Envol's musk is clean but not your usual white musk; this is "dressy" musk, not animalic/beastly in character. On several wearings, I was sure I detected a smidgen of tobacco in L'Envol, and it did at times remind me of a softer/lighter version of Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque.

L'Envol smells great (and a little bit retro). The perfume is not eccentric and it doesn't call attention to itself, but L'Envol isn't dull, either. L'Envol's tone is stylish (and expensive), not flamboyant. L'Envol has little sillage but if applied liberally will last most of the day.

L'Envol comes in a beautiful 100 ml refillable bottle with two parts: an open-bottomed "cloche" or dome, and the perfume-filled "ampule"/capsule that snaps in and out of the dome.

Perfume: Cartier L'Envol

Car: BMW 540i

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