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Diptyque Parisian home fragrances

Diptyque is my all time favourite for home fragrance. I'm so excited that their full range is now available South Africa at the new Skin Cosmetics store in Sandton City. After a fabulous launch with ASCO I couldn't resist buying some for my home!

They are quite a splurge but once I tried one, nothing else seemed quite as good. I have quite a few loves from other lines including Henri Bendel, Jo Malone, but my heart belongs to Diptyque. In addition to the candles, there are a number of other ways to enjoy Diptyque scents. I’ve been enamored with their room sprays which come in a selection of fragrances. Right now I have the Room Sprays in Baies and Figuier ready for rotation.

Both come in a sleek and sturdy glass jar with a black spray top. The scents are almost identical to the candle versions. The room spray version of Figuier is a bit more green compared to the candle and a bit stronger in scent. I find this one perfect year round but especially love it for spring. It lifts the mood and makes the entire room smell like lush sweet figs with just one spray. It’s very strong so you only need two spritzes.

The Diptyque Room Sprays are both strong in scent. The fragrance won’t last as long as burning a candle but the sprays will fill the entire room with just one spritz for a quick refresher and in my home I find the scent will linger and last for a few hours. Right now being a Diptyque fan, I can’t pick between the sprays or the candle, they are both quite beautiful. I do think the scent of a burning candle will last longer but the sprays are quite strong so they do last surprisingly well. Thank you ASCo for introducing me to the best thing that's happened to my home this year I'm totally obsessed.



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