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Bespoke perfume for the luxury class

I'm absolutely obsessed with these delicious bespoke fragrances, an adult gourmand. A breathe of fresh air from the commercial fragrances we've been accustomed to.

For me, perfume is a mood enhancer. I don't have just one, I always have one or two on the go. Equinox Bloom is new favourite because it is, for me, the perfect gourmand balance: sweet, but not too much, feminine and subtle, but also strong, with great lasting power and a yummy seductive trail. And very importantly, it is never in your face, unlike other popular gourmand fragrances that are around these days. I can smell the jasmine-based mix all day long, and I find it very uplifting and delicious. It just makes me happy.

these decedent Penhaligons perfumes are available from skin cosmetics in Sandton city, which opened recently, keep a look out for more reviews from this bespoke shop

you'll thank me later



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