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Glam Day = New Meal Plan

With just a few months to go before the Glam day. It's time I get on a serious fitness, eating and beauty plan! And because I have to look my best and my dress requires the tiniest of waists there will be no short cuts, no crash diets, but 8 months to the best me!

This will include Monthly skin treatments from Dermalogica, daily work-outs, and a change of eating habits, I'm already craving Malva pudding (I'm obsessed with Malva).

Diet :

I'm not going to go on a diet but more of a lifestyle change when it comes to my eating habits, the dress I'm getting from an Iconic fashion house in Italy require the most snatched waist in life (yikes!) but it will be beautiful so it's worth all i will be putting in. So ladies i'll be go on low carb meal plan for 2 months and then re-introduce healthy carbs after July. it's not all doom and gloom, here are of my new fave meals

Grilled Halloumi salad

I have been eating halloumi salad weekly this summer. It’s just so fresh and yummy. I like to eat halloumi with avocado, cucumber, pear, fresh berries and nuts. i really love my meat so I'll add strips of grilled chicken to switch it up

Shrimp Wok

Recipe: tiger prawns (or regular shrimps), 250g cherry tomatoes, red onion, chili, salt and black pepper, parmesan / pecorino if wanted. If I want to get an extra dose of protein to the day, I’m adding a can of tuna into the recipe.

Melt the tiger prawns (if frozen) by putting the plastic bag in warm water for 15 minutes or less. Cut the chili and the red onion into small pieces and sweat them on a frying pan for awhile. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add them into the mixture. Roast the tomatoes until they become smooth and mellow. skin the tiger prawns and add them to the cherry tomato mixture. Fry them for a couple of minutes and add in the cooked rice. Season with salt and black pepper, add the cheese if wanted and ENJOY!

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