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Kardashian Beauty hair

I've been blonde for the past 7 months and as much as i love my lighter hair, bleaching it has definitely left some of my best virgin hair drrrrrrry!

So when the Kardashian Beauty hair products dropped on my desk, iI was keen to see if it really lived up to all the reviews i've read. Each of their hair products is formulated with black seed oil, which has numerous health benefits, both inside and out. It is also Paraben free. When applied to your hair, it smooths, increases shine, helps protect from damage, makes hair more manageable, and just look healthier.

So I didn’t know which products where going to work best for me, but, the Dry Conditioner and the Black Seed Dry Oil Dry conditioner are my new best friends.

To be honest I didn't have high hopes. But when I ran it through my dry hair, I found that it didn't weigh my hair down or make the strands cling together. Applied on damp hair and blow dried, it made my damaged hair very soft and cooperative. I actually can't stop tousling my hair around, just because it finally has some movement to it again.I love how my hair feels when blow-dried with the black seed oil, so much so that it's currently competing with my favourite leave-in conditioner. I'm a fan.

This dry conditioner definitely adds some softness and some shine, and it's definitely being added to my miracle products list! It's just like lathering up with real conditioner, and it smells great, plus it's in a pretty bottle!

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