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A Mini MAC Haul: 3 new faves

We all know the rule about MAC right? You can’t enter a store and leave empty handed. It’s basically the law.

My new day to day faves the MAC Eyeshadow in Saddle. If I can be bothered to put on makeup these days, then I’m wearing Saddle all over my lids. It’s that simple. It’s warm, matte and basically autumn in an eyeshadow. I dust it all over my lid with the SUQQU Eyeshadow Brush F and then take a little bit of colour on the end of a MAC 224 Brush to blend things out into the crease. It’s a level above a ‘no makeup, makeup‘ shade, but instead it looks effortless and polished. I predict I’ll be seeing pan in this very soon.

Another new fave MAC Lipstick in Nippon. You know when you go to a MAC counter and you just pick up every colour that you already own – ‘Ah Patisserie!‘ ‘Ruby Woo you ol’ Stunner!‘ ‘Why am I picking up this Hue for the millionth time?‘ – old habits die hard.

Well I was doing that when I came across Nippon, a thing of peachy pink dreams, and wondered why the hell I didn’t own it. It’s a new type of finish that I hadn’t heard of before – a ‘Creamsheen Pearl’. This means that it’s creamy and semi-opaque, but also has a subtle glimmer running through it. I don’t like to say shimmer, because it’s not that noticeable. It just gives a slight glow to the colour. Speaking of which, the shade is perfect. On my lips it gives a bit of a ‘my lips but peachier’ vibe, that’s a bit of a throwback, but a throwback that I can’t get enough of.

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