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Missposhglam X MAC Cosmetics

I am so excited to share this post with you this by far is my faaaave beauty post. I love patterns and I’m so obsessed with this packaging from MAC cosmetics. So by now you all now i don’t touch foundation i believe your skin should be naturally flawless but I’m big on eye make up and lippies so you can imagine my excitement when I got all these goodies

So each year MAC releases a vast array of limited-edition colour collections, but their specially-packaged summer story always gets me excited more than any other. This year, MAC Vibe Tribe is such a must have dolls i already feel like it’s summer and it’s winter.It holds some really beautiful shades and the tribal inspired packaging is definitely a keeper for those who have been collecting all things pretty from MAC. The packaging adorns the bronzy shades of summer along with pops of vibrant colour for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. My current fave two items are the MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Teen Dream it’s great for an everyday look and it goes on so smoothly unlike most lip pencil balms this really lasts throughout the day and doesn’t leave you with an overly glossy finish.

My second Fave is the MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Delphic I think this is also because I just got a set of new MAC brushes which include a contour brush which I’m absolutely loving this bronzer on my bare skin is amazing, Just sad that all the brushes were sold out. You can find this stunning collection at MAC stores or online.

I’ll be sharing skincare secrets soon I believe every woman deserves beautiful flawless skin and it honestly doesn’t and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg so watch this space darlings.

Happy Wednesday dolls!

Photograhy and product styling: Mpumi Ngwenya

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